Monday, April 18, 2011

Alachua Egg Drop

A new church in Alachua just had their 1st annual Egg Drop this past weekend. They were supposed to drop eggs from hot air balloons (hence the name “Egg Drop”) but it was too windy on Saturday so they scattered eggs in a field for an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was so much fun!!

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 025 ps


We got Cori this sweet Easter basket this year. I immediately thought of her the moment I saw it. I’m planning on getting her name embroidered on it so it can be her lifetime Easter basket. I wanted to get a matching one for Finley, but then I thought about the possibility of having more girls SO I decided I’d buy each kid their own basket at their own time so each one is special is it’s own way!

Cori did a great job hunting those eggs. She thought they were balls, which is probably why she was so excited about collecting them. The girl is OBSESSED with balls at the moment!

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 045 ps

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 049 ps















Cori’s good friends Aaron and Claire met us at the Egg Drop. Here is a picture of Cori and Claire as they hunted for eggs.

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 051 ps


Here are the three of them strolling around after the hunt was over. Cori and Aaron rode together in our new DOUBLE BOB!! It’s a 2009, but in GREAT condition! I’m so excited about it and can’t wait for Finley to get here so she can ride in it too! We got it for 1/2 the retail price on Craigslist! Can’t beat that! On a side note – the family we bought it from are missionaries and were moving to the Philippines with their 2 sweet little girls. He is an aviation missionary and she is related to Nate Saint who was also an aviation missionary. Nate Saint is the one who flew the plane into the jungle of Ecuador (where I’ve been on a mission trip before) to bring the news of Christ. There is a movie based off his story called End of the Spear. I’ve actually been to Nate Saint’s house in Ecuador. SO COOL!

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 073 ps


David snagged this picture of Cori holding Aaron’s hand. I thought it was so precious! She is such a lovey little girl! :)

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 079 ps


We had such a great time out as a family and can’t wait for Easter next weekend! Unfortunately, our family picture didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, but we did get good pics of Cori with her mommy and daddy separately! Whatever works, right?!

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 011 ps

Easter - Egg Drop Alachua '11 063 ps


Carrie said...

Cori is so cute, Danielle! I love her little Easter basket and that dress is soooo sweet!

The O'Hallorans said...

The eggs drop/hunt looks like it was a ton of fun! And great deal on the Bob! I'm in the process of finding a deal on the single currently! :o) Love you!

Caleb said...

Doh, does that mean I screwed up the family pic?

Shelli said...

Hi Danielle - Just a quick note to say congratulations on your pregnancy (sorry it's a bit late)! Also, I used your idea of the paper balls for a baby shower I had this past weekend for a sweet first time mom in our church, and they were so much fun! Thanks for the idea :-). Also, Cori is such a doll, so so pretty. Take care!