Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrating Baby!

A few weekends ago Cori and I headed to Tampa to celebrate my sweet SIL, Missy. Missy is due to have a precious baby girl on June 10th – just 3 weeks before I’m due to have Finley. The Smith family will go from 0 grandchildren to 4 grandchildren in a matter of 18 months! We have Cori Belle (16 months), Taylor Ryan (5 months), Jona Lily (due in less than 4 weeks), and Finley Grace (due in less than 7 weeks). I think it’s such a blessing to welcome all these kiddos into this family and I’m so excited that they are all so close in age! Taylor is going to have a tough job watching out for 3 girls!! But, I’m sure he can handle it! :)

We had a pink and yellow shower for Missy to celebrate her and Jona. Missy has such a bright personality and we thought these colors would fit her and little Jona perfectly! It turned out really cute! I even made Jona a few bows for her arrival. What little girl doesn’t look adorable in a bow? We are teaching the Smith family to love bows, one little girl at a time! HAHA! :)

weekend in Tampa apr 11 001

weekend in Tampa apr 11 003

weekend in Tampa apr 11 002


It’s been so fun being pregnant with Missy. I only wish we lived a bit closer to one another so we could have relished in the moment a little more together. I am looking forward to beach week though! Ryan, Missy, David and I are all sharing a condo together and little Jona should be there too! I’ll be 38 weeks going on 39 weeks pregnant at that point. Oh, what fun that will be! HA!


Here is Missy getting some parenting practice with CB.


After the shower and a much needed nap for Cori, we headed over to visit Pops (also known as Papa Joe and Pappy as we don’t have a grandpa name for him yet! Although, he hates Pappy!!). Cori really does adore both her grandpa’s! They sure are lucky guys to have such a sweet girl love them so much! :) After a lap around the lake in the boat, Cori and Pops decided a swim in the pool was in order!


Casey and Rebecca said...

Wish I could have been there! It looks like it turned out great! Super excited the beach is a mere month away!!

Danielle said...

We wish you were there too!!! See you soon though! YAY! :)

Ryan and Missy said...

So cute Dani! Thanks for the post :)