Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Girl and Blog News!

The week we got back from our anniversary trip I started getting ready for the JBF (Just Between Friends) Sale. It’s a HUGE children’s and maternity consignment sale that happens Nation wide. We have one here in Gainesville twice a year. This is the first time I consigned and it was a lot of work getting things ready – ironing and tagging and ironing and tagging! But, it was well worth it as I made a little over $50 for things I didn’t want or need anymore! Some of my friends seriously made out and got over $200 for consigning various items. I didn’t have that much to consign considering I’m having another girl and we need most all of the baby related items we already have. I did get a few steals on some cute little girls clothes – oh, and I can’t forget about the two best deals of them all – a wooden toddler bed with mattress for $15.00!! It matches Cori’s room perfectly and she LOVES it! It’s currently in our room because I’m not quite ready to move it into hers yet, but she makes sure to climb into it a few times a day! If you ask her where her “big girl” bed is, she runs instantly into our room! I also got a K’tan, which is an AWESOME baby carrier, for $19.00!! Those are normally priced around $60-70 and it looks brand new! I’m so excited!! It’s perfect for carrying around a newborn because it holds them much snugger than the Ergo does … more “womb” like and you can carry them a few different ways. The K’tan and Ergo are my two FAVORITE baby carriers in case anyone is looking for a recommendation on baby carriers! :) So excited to have them both!!

On top of consigning and shopping at the sale of course, my good friend, Lacy and I had a Premier Jewelry Booth set up all 4 days the sale was going on! Hence the first part of the title of my post! The sale ran from 10-7, Wednesday-Saturday. My mom so graciously came up to watch Cori Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. David’s mom came up on Saturday. I was so thankful to have them both up to help!! I couldn’t have done it without them!! After prepping to get things ready for this sale on Monday and Tuesday, setting up our booth, and working ALL DAY Wed-Sat, I know without a shadow of a doubt that being a full time working mom is NOT something I EVER want to do!! A few days every now and then are fine with me, but full time – no thanks! God makes everyone different and by no means am I saying that if you are a full time working mom that I condemn you. It’s just not for me. I saw my sweet girl for breakfast each morning and then bath and bedtime each night. If that was my real life, I would feel like I wasn’t even raising her. Not many “teachable moments” happen with only 1-2 hours of time spent together each day. I’m SO thankful to be back home with her!! Not only did I miss time with her, but there was certainly no time for me to take care of our home, grocery shop, run necessary errands, etc.  I feel like I’m STILL playing catch up! Whew! I’m so thankful for Premier, which allows me to work according to my own schedule and helps tremendously with our finances! It truly is the BEST job for this season in my life!!

Anyway, back to our Premier Jewelry Booth and the second part of my post title. When Lacy and I decided we’d set up a booth at the sale, we really wanted to have a banner with our business name on it to hang over our booth. We knew it could be rather pricey to have a banner made, but said we’d just split it and share the banner. Well, God must have heard our hearts because a few days after we had discussed purchasing a banner, I got an email from a woman at Build A Sign – Custom Banners. She said that she came across my blog and thought I was a great candidate to advertise for their company! She said to take a look at their products and if there was anything I was in need of, they’d be happy to custom make it for me for FREE if I’d just blog about it and add their link to the sidebar of my blog. WOW! Was I ever excited about this email!! Of course I said, YES!!! And with that, I (rather, David) designed a Premier Jewelry 3x6 banner for our booth. I ordered two so Lacy and I could both have one and the company gave us both for FREE! It only took about a week for the banner to arrive and it was just what we had in mind!! Thank you Build A Sign – Custom Banners!! :) It was the finishing touch on our booth!

Savannah Trip and More! 155

Savannah Trip and More! 153

Savannah Trip and More! 156

Build A Sign makes other things than banners, but everything is custom to your needs! Make sure to check them out. You can find their link at the top right corner of my blog! I LOVE my custom banner!!


Natalie said...

Hey Girl,

I just looked, and had subscribed to your blog a while back ago. I think I sent you a message at the time about how impressed I was with it. I haven't logged in, in forever! Anyways... what a small world that we got to work side by side at JBF sale! I loved being able to hang out with you and Lacy! Talk to you soon!

nogihilt said...

I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

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