Monday, June 7, 2010

What I love about you... 22 & 23 weeks

week 22 & 23

  • Picnics in the park with you! We had such a yummy lunch together and you practiced sitting up some more as well as reading Elmo. You are becoming such a big girl!
  • Sink Baths!! You are getting a little big for the bathroom sink, but they are so fun and you love to look at yourself in the mirror. I think we will try kitchen sink baths next! :)
  • Watching you play with your rubber ducky. Your face lights up anytime I give it to you to play with. You especially love to eat your ducky!!
  • Your new toy.. a Johnny Jump Up! You haven't quite gotten the hang of jumping up and down in it, but you love to spin yourself around.
  • This picture! Your dad thinks you look funny, but I think it's SOOO CUTE!
  • How you are exploring your tongue (as seen in the picture above!). You have figured out that if you put your tongue between your lips and blow air, it vibrates and makes a funny sound. You are all about making that raspberry sound anytime you can!!
  • How strong you are. Look at those back muscles (and that super cute body!!)
  • The way you get bashful at times. First thing in the morning when daddy or I come into your room to greet you for the day you smile so big at us and then shy your face away. You do the same thing when you daddy comes home from work. It's adorable and really shows your sweet personality.
  • Pictures of me and you!
  • That your Mia taught you how to kiss your baby doll and now when I ask for a kiss you will lean in to give me one too. Sigh!! :)
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you reach up and touch my face. Oh, how it melts my heart. You place your tiny hands on my cheeks, grab my nose, trace my mouth, and look into my eyes. You do this a lot when I rock you to sleep at night or right after I nurse you. I love the coos and sweet giggles you make when I pretend to eat your hands. Just sitting here and thinking about it makes me smile.
Oh, precious one, how I love you!! I never knew I could love someone so very much. Becoming a parent makes me realize how my mom must feel about me. She must love me more than life itself, just like I do with you. Becoming a parent also makes me realize how much God must love us. We are his children and in his eyes we can do no wrong. No matter how much we sin and make poor choices at times, there is constant forgiveness and an overflow of love. Wow! Oh, what peace and joy that brings to my heart!


Ryan and Missy said...

Awwwhh... she is so precious! See you guys soon.. Love ya!

The Marino Family said...

CB is getting so big!! I can't wait for her and Madelyn to play. We'll have to get together soon.