Thursday, June 10, 2010

Notes from my crib

Hi blog world! I know it's a little past my bedtime, but I have some exciting news! My room is finally done!! I know what you're thinking... "Cori, you are 5 months old. You're mom is a perfectionist. What do you mean your room is finally done? It should have been done WAY before you were born!!" ... Well, it pretty much was done before I was born, but my perfectionist mom was waiting on one more piece before it could be complete -- curtains!! My Yaya volunteered to make my curtains way back when, but the business of life got the best of her (it's okay .. I forgive you Yaya!!) and now five months after my delivery, I have some BEAUTIFUL curtains up! I love them! They make my room all dark and cozy at nap time and I sleep SO MUCH better now!

Well, the wait is over! Check out my awesome room...

Here I am sitting in my GIGANTIC rocking chair! It's soo comfy! My mom rocks me to sleep every night in this chair.

This is my crib. I just LOVE the linens my mom picked out -- such beautiful colors! That's my moses basket underneath my crib. I used to sleep in there (not under the crib, of course!!) when I was an itty bitty baby!! Now, I'm a big 5 month old! :)

Here is where my mom changes me and makes sure I am nice and clean!! :)

This is my small book shelf. My favorite thing on here is the lullaby machine (aka CD player) that lulls me to sleep every night! At the very bottom to the left you will see my Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Book that my mom is working very diligently on!

Here is a view into my bathroom. See those flowers on the counter?? I LOVE to stand on the counter to touch and smell them. I REALLY like flowers!! Like mother like daughter!

And finally, the CURTAINS!! Aren't they beautiful? You will also see my tall book shelf to the left. I just love the lamp on it. It was in my mommy's classroom all 4 years she taught and now I get to have it! Thanks, mom!

Well, that's it! If you are wondering about all the really neat designs on my wall -- my dad did them. He is such a good artist!! I love looking at the pink hibiscus flower over my changing table. It just amazes me!! I hope you liked your tour... now it's off to bed for me! Good night!

Signing off,
Cori Belle


The Marino Family said...

I love the curtains!!! Her rooms looks adorable!!

Stephanie said...

Her room looks so adorable! I love all the colors!

Stephanie said...
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