Sunday, June 6, 2010

Intentional Blogging

When I started this blogging thing back in 2008 I had no real purpose for blogging other than to help family and friends stay up to date with our lives. Actually, it all started because David's little brother Casey and his wife Rebecca moved to Minnesota and started a blog since they were so far away from family. So, I decided to start one too so we could all keep up with one another. My posts are random and now that we have little miss Cori Belle, most posts seem to be about her! :) But, what if there was more to blogging? What if when we blogged, we went past the surface and into intentional blogging and real life living? Not that anyone but my family and friends has any interest in reading my posts, intentional or not, but who knows?!?!

I spent the day cleaning. Well I tried to spend my day cleaning, but as I was dusting off the bookshelf in our room I came across all the blogs I wrote from 2009, which I had printed and bound into a book. I sat on the floor and read through our year, with all the ups and downs, random rants, posts of encouragement, and the unfolding of my faith. I was filled with so many memories and I was so encouraged. This blog is for me; for me to keep a journal of my life and for me to grow as a believer, a wife, and a mom. But, this blog is also for you, whoever "you" may be out there; for you to be encouraged by our life and what God is doing in it, around it, and with it. I want all I do and all I stand for to be for God's glory, this blog included.

I pray that this blog will be used as a vessel for the Lord. Even if there is no one who reads it but my family and friends -- it is my desire that Christ will be seen through my writing. So, when you read a blog post from here on out, know that it is intentional, even if it may seem random. I am intentionally sharing my life with you so you that you may be encouraged, loved, and see the love of Jesus through me.

Until next time, dear friends! You are loved!

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The Helms Family said...

I have to tell you that I love each and every post you make! They not only help me keep up with what's going on with your fam, but they also help me keep up with my friend and see how much God has richly blessed you! You have encouraged me to think about intentionally blogging. I feel that this is a way we can know what's going on with each other and be able to pick up right where we left off, just like we did the other day :)