Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Months Old!!

My sweet baby girl turned 6 months old on Monday -- I just can't believe it! People always say time goes by faster when you have children. Boy, are they right!! She is the sweetest gift from God himself and I just can't imagine what I did with out her! At 6 months old, she is such a big girl. There are so many things I LOVE about her and my heart melts every time I hold her in my arms.

We have been out and about the last few days taking some 6 month old photos. I love a good 'ole photo shoot and Cori is such a good sport as her momma takes hundreds of pictures of her!! Good thing they are all digital now. I wouldn't be able to afford to develop the amount of pictures I take!

I have also been a bit behind on my "What I love about you" posts since we have been on vacation. So, here's a few from the last 2 weeks...

week 25 & 26
  • Spending time with you on vacation
  • Watching your sweet personality take shape
  • That you are starting to move about the house. You may not be "crawling" yet, but you certainly can get places around the house by scooting backwards! And, I wonder if you have been watching me do Yoga because you definitely have the downward dog position down pat! :)
  • That the other day I sat you down on your tummy mat with a basket of toys in front of you ... I pulled out a few for you to play with, but as soon as you were tired of those, you reached for that basket, pulled it close to you, and selected the toy YOU wanted to play with! Go girl!!
  • Trying new foods with you. On vacation you had a few pieces of banana and watermelon. You seemed to like the bananas, but didn't care that much about them. You sucked on the piece of watermelon until the juice was all gone and then you spit the actual watermelon out. And, earlier today you tried pureed bananas and blueberries with a SPOON and you LOVED it!!
  • Being your mom, plain and simple! :)


Annie said...

such sweet pics! love the ones on the brick...
We're the same way... we do LOTS of photo shoots! :)

Charon Benton said...

sweet, sweet pictures....what a beautiful little sweet girl!!!!

Casey and Rebecca said...

I love the picture of her on the brick. very cute!

june said...

My sweet Cori Belle ... you are so pretty!