Monday, May 3, 2010

What I love about you... 18 weeks

Week 18

  • Your voice, and boy do you have one! We took you to a dinner party last weekend and you were the center of attention. You talked over any other conversation in the room and made sure everyone was listening to you. :)
  • Your bright shining face in the morning.
  • The baby brigade! I love hanging out with all your friends at our mommy/baby lunch outings!
Claire and Cori at Moes!
  • That you made it through your 4 month growth spurt! I sure do love that you sleep through the night - I'm spoiled actually! Having to get up 3 nights in a row to feed you and sooth you multiple times was tough - a reminder of how lucky we are that you are a good sleeper normally!
  • That you are beginning to grasp things with your hands. You get so excited when I hold an object in front of your face and I love watching your arms go crazy as you try to grab the object from me. Once you grab it, where does it go? Directly into your mouth!!
  • The little hairs that stick up on the top of your head -- there's just a little bit of hair there!
  • Your drool filled chin!
  • Rocking you to sleep. Those are the most precious moments of my day!!
  • You at this age! You are so interactive and fun to hang out with! You smile at me constantly, talk to me, gaze into my eyes lovingly, love to stand, try to crawl, spin in circles on your tummy time mat, hold things, lick things, laugh out loud, look curiously at your surroundings, recognize your mommy and daddy, sit like a little lady on the couch, love talking to the "baby in the mirror," and the list goes on... I just LOVE you!!
A blurb from Cori herself...

Hi guys, CB here! This week was all about me learning how to drive! No, I'm not 16 quite yet (thank goodness, mommy says!), but mommy and daddy got me my first car - a jeep! I LOVE it! I can honk the horn, turn the steering wheel, and spin my rear-view mirror in circles! It is so much fun! Check me out below...

Here is my dad giving me a lesson on driving. I am listening so intently!

Watch out! Here I come!!!
And, I'm driving with one hand! (shhh.. daddy told me NOT to do this! Hands on 10 and 2, he said.)

It was so much fun learning to drive! Next time you're out on the road, look out for me. I'll be the girl in the green Jeep! Beep, beep!

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Casa de Sutton said...

I love her face in the Jeep!!! and the way she and Dave are looking at each other-PRICELESS!