Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I love about you... 14-17 weeks

week 14-17

  • Taking naps in mommy and daddy's bed with you after your first morning feed. You are such a good snuggler!
  • How you are growing & developing ... you mastered rolling from back to front on Saturday (4/24/10) and have also outgrown being swaddled! This past Friday night I swaddled you up like normal and found you on Saturday morning with your swaddle blanket at your waist! Not only were your arms out of your blanket, they were out of your pajamas! I tried to swaddle you on Saturday night, but you flailed around like a fish out of water. So, daddy and I unswaddled you, put you in long sleeve PJ's with feet, and put you back in your crib. You rolled over onto your tummy and fell asleep. You seem to love sleeping freely in your crib. I think it's funny when we put you to sleep in the center of your crib and we find you in the morning in the far left corner. You are such a wiggle worm!!
  • That you LOVE holding onto your pacifier at all times and maneuvering it around! (except when I put you to bed and you take it out and then get mad!!)
  • How curious you are. You are so in tune with your surroundings and you seem to love nature. I love taking walks with you and watching you watch the trees above you in your stroller.
  • That you are grabbing things with your sweet little hands. Yesterday you grabbed this butterfly and began licking it. It plays music and your face kept pressing the button to make it play a new song every few seconds. Even if it wasn't on purpose, it was still cute!
Hi, mom!
  • Family pictures. You are so precious to us!
  • Letting you taste ice cream for the first time last week. :)

  • Your outgoing personality. You will smile at anyone and everyone. I LOVE how talkative you are and watching you interact with others!
  • The tenderness in your face when I kiss you.
  • Playing airplane with you. You get the biggest smiles on your face and literally laugh out loud the whole time!!
  • That you have found your feet and grab onto them all the time. You especially like to take off your socks!
  • I LOVE that I can't get enough of you. "Every good and perfect gift is from above" - James 1:17. You are my perfect gift!

Happy 4 month birthday, little one. We LOVE you!!


Kristy said...

So sweet! Kamryn looked at the pictures with me. She said "Uh oh, what is on her chin?" in the ice cream picture. It is so crazy that we both have kids now. Hard to believe how long it has been since college. Love you guys, hope to see you soon!

The Nomad said...

I love how you keep your Auntie Jamie up all night with your beautiful crying voice.....:) Miss you guys already, she gets cuter every day!

Melissa said...

It is hard to believe how fast they are growing up. I love all the pictures. It will be fun to see how different all of the girls look by the time we get together at the beach.

Heather said...

I just found your blog and love it!! You have a beautiful family!! Your little girl is a doll!! I'm following now and look forward to reading more, you are so pretty!

Heather said...

I was signed in under a different account, not that it matters much I guess!! So good to find you!