Monday, April 19, 2010

Mothering Matters

Today I was opening the mail when I came across a brief article about mothering in the Publix Baby Club magazine. I read it and felt such a sense of relief in my newly established lifestyle as a mother. For my motherly friends out there - this one's for you...

"Does mothering mater? This question demands an answer, especially for mothers adjusting to raising young children. We live in a day when what you do equals who you are. A woman's worth is determined by her work's value and the amount she accomplishes. (Thank goodness God throws that one by the wayside!) But a mother's work is never finished or is constantly coming undone, and few people reward or recognize the nurturing skills used in mothering.

The truth about the significance of a mother's role is that it makes a life-long difference in a child's growth and health. According to scientific evidence, the years of early childhood are even more crucial than we once believed. Reports tell us that a child's environment from birth to age three determine brain structure, ability to learn and ability to love others.

Though changing diapers and cuddling a baby may seem trivial, mothers are doing eternally significant work in developing a little person into an adult. As Leo Tolstoy wrote in the Lion and the Honeycomb, "Yes, mothers, in your hands more than in those of anyone else, lies the salvation of the world." Mothering matters!"

Thank you Publix Baby Club! I needed that one today!


Casa de Sutton said...

I needed that one, too! Thanks for sharing! especially the part about our work constantly coming undone :) This is exhausting work, but the rewards will live on through the next generations!
love you sister-friend!

Caleb & Emily said...

Cori Belle's smile is so awesome here!

The Nomad said...

I'm coming to visit you beauties this weekend so get ready!!

JMyer said...

Amen, I needed that too :)

sanjeet said...

This is exhausting work, but the rewards will live on through the next generations!
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