Monday, May 24, 2010

What I love about you... 21 weeks

Week 21

  • Going swimming for the first time. You really seemed to love the water. You practiced floating and kicking your feet. And look, we even got you some sun glasses! Too cute!!
  • Taking you to UF events. The first picture is of you back in March with Albert at at UF gymnastics meet. The second picture is of you at a UF baseball game. You love singing the gator fight song... GO GATORS!!
  • Watching you play in the exersaucer! You are energized and adorable!
  • Attending your first birthday party. Happy first birthday Audrey! :)
"Here, Cori ... I'll share with you!" - Audrey
Yum, yum

  • Throwing you into the air and catching you. You laugh and laugh and laugh!
  • That you are becoming a little thumb sucker. I may not like it later, but it sure is cute right now!! :)
  • Practicing cheer motions. No, I'm not encouraging you to become a cheerleader; you can play any sport you want to. But, you giggle and giggle when we practice. I hold your hands and place them in each motion as we say, "high V, low V, T, broken T, touchdown!!" When we get to the touchdown part, you think it sure is funny!
  • How intentional you are with your hands now. You spot something with your eyes, decide you want it, and pick it up on purpose. What a big girl you are!!
  • Dancing and singing to praise music with you! I know God is smiling down on us. :)
  • Just hanging out and having fun with you, sweet one!

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Charon Benton said...

She is such a sweet, pleasant and BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!