Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I love about you... 19 & 20 weeks

Week 19 & 20

"All I want to do is let it be and be with you and watch the wind blow by. All I want to see is you and me go on forever like the clear blue sky. Slowly, there's only you and I. All I want to do is watch the wind blow by." - Tim McGraw

  • The way you reach out to touch my face as if you are examining it so closely. You place both hands on either side of my cheeks, look into my eyes, and capture my heart!
  • You and your puppy, Maverick!
  • Fun times with friends. Your friends Aaron, Brandon, and Claire are all 5 weeks younger than you. You LOVE hanging out with them and teaching them new tricks. It's amazing the difference 5 wks makes in baby world.
Cori Belle & Claire Jewel

Cori, Brandon, Claire, Aaron
  • Seeing you in your bathing suit, rash guard, and hat at the splash park! Even though you weren't a fan of the cold water, you looked so cute! Now, we just need some sun glasses!
Look at those LONG legs!!
  • Daddy/Cori time! Your daddy loves you so much!!
  • Going for walks in the Baby Bjorn.
  • Watching you play in your jeep. You get SO EXCITED when you get behind the wheel. I especially love that you honk the horn, turn on the car, and play the radio (nursery rhyme radio of course) ALL WITH YOUR MOUTH!!
Honk, Honk!! Here I come!!
WOW -- Look at those eyes. I LOVE those too!!
  • Your BIG smiles!
  • Tickling you and hearing your sweet giggles.
  • Your LOUD squeals and screams of delight!
  • Your "Old Man Face" as your daddy calls it. Your new thing seems to be sucking in your bottom lip. It's hilarious and SO CUTE!!
  • Watching you turn the pages of your Elmo book. Maybe you'll love children's books just as much as your mommy does!
Woah, mom! Check out Elmo!!
  • Your feet! And apparently, you do too!! :)
  • Taking you to the park to swing!! Last Wednesday you swung at the park for the first time and LOVED it, but mommy forgot her camera. So, daddy and I took you back to the park on Saturday. It was later in the day and the swing was HOT -- you weren't quite too sure what to think about that. We'll have to go again in the morning sometime.
  • Snuggling you and holding you close.
  • The complete JOY you bring to our lives. Children completely change your life and your lifestyle, but the rewards are so great. I wouldn't trade being a mommy for ANYTHING in this world!
Cori Belle, We LOVE you!!

P.S. -- apparently I LOVE that pink cupcake bow since it's in almost every picture!! :)


Heather said...

Hi Dani! I found your blog through 'Immeasurably More'.

Your daughter is just beautiful! Don't they grow so quickly? Our youngest will be 14 months soon and it's hard to believe!

john and melissa said...

She is so cute. I can't believe how fast they grow up. Can't wait to see you guys at the beach.

Megon said...

What a precious lil girl!