Friday, January 21, 2011

Random FUN!

I have been so bad about taking and uploading photos these days! Here are a few things that have been going on at our house lately…


CB & friends 004

We went on a family date night last weekend to Chili’s. Oh, how we love Chili’s and Moes!! HA! Dave and I always order chips and salsa. Cori has been experimenting with eating chips these days and on this particular night, she decided to try the salsa. She grabbed a chip and dipped it into the salsa like such a big girl!! Oh, our little one is growing up! After a few chips and salsa, she decided to do away with the chips and just shovel salsa into her mouth with her hand. BAD IDEA!! After a few handfuls, her mouth was on fire and we had to deal with it the rest of dinner! Poor thing!

Something I have REALLY been enjoying these days is our bedtime routine with Cori! I LOVE the way she brings me a book, crawls in my lap, and listens to me read. I feel like the most important person in the world to my little girl!!









We’ve done a little bit of Tot School here and there, but we aren’t in full swing yet. I’ve got my Tot School corner under way, but still need a few more things. I’ll be sure to post about that soon! In the meanwhile, we’ve been… playing with puzzles, reading books (LOTS OF BOOKS!!!), learning the different parts of our body, doing Fridge Phonics, talking on the phone, caring for our baby dolls, and playing soccer in the house! It’s been loads of fun! Here are some pics…


book fun 1

book fun 2


Fridge Phonics 1


talking on phone 1

talking on phone 2














baby 1


baby 2

baby 3















Dave came down with a cold on Wednesday and pretty much laid around all week. Luckily he had a little bit of down time from his crazy ER schedule to recover. Cori woke up this morning with daddy’s symptoms and has been running a fever all day. :( Poor baby. Her and her daddy pretty much laid on the couch all day watching Veggie Tales, Charlottes Web, and Praise Baby. They took lots of naps as well, and read a few stories in-between movies. Hoping they feel better soon and hoping I don’t get it!!!

daddy and cori 1

daddy and cori















To top off the week, I am 17 weeks pregnant now and feeling great! :) I have been feeling small movements of baby #2. I feel much more in tune this time around with noticing movements. Love it!! My belly is definitely growing faster this time (at least I think so, but it’s hard to tell by these pictures!). First pregnancy is on the left and this one is on the right. I definitely need a tan and I think I look so much older now!! :( You be the judge…

Week 17

preggo week 17














Catch ya later! :)

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Jonathan and Aimee said...

Danielle- You are a beautiful woman:) I don't think you look older at all in the 2nd photo, in fact, you don't look like you aged much at all.:) You are so fit and healthy...wish I was that way:)