Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I love about you… week 29 & 30

Ya’ll I tell you what.. The day seems to end just as quickly as it starts! Cori Belle is 7 months old today .. yes, 7 months! Can you believe it?!? She is full of life and just the most precious thing I have EVER laid eyes on!

what i love button week 29 & 30


  • Playing Hide and Go Seek! It was so funny to walk into the living room and find little miss under the couch! HAHA! We have also found that she likes to put her toys under the couch as well. What does that say about her?? :)

Cori crawling 012

  • That this girl LOVES to swim. Here she was getting ready for the pool and then here she is swimming. She kicks her little legs faster than I have ever seen when she is in the water – like a little frog! It’s so stinking cute!!

Cori crawling 007 

  • That we have FINALLY captured some crawling on video! Go CB! **Sorry I didn’t upload it for you to see**
  • Going boating. Cori had her first experience on the boat the other weekend at Mama Smith & Papa Joe’s house. She LOVED it – wind in the face and all! She also got to hang out with her Aunt Jamie unexpectedly, and she loved that too!
Cori eating and other things 064

 Cori eating and other things 070 Cori eating and other things 062

Cori eating and other things 059
  • Mommy and Cori time! Thanks Aunt Jamie for taking these AWESOME pics! :)

Cori eating and other things 066  Cori eating and other things 067

  • 2 piece PJ’s! CB wore her very first shirt and pants PJ’s last week. She still wears her all in one PJ’s with feet most nights, but it was fun to wear something that a “big girl” would wear to bed! .. We also love Soothie paci’s! Cori loves to bite them and pull them quickly out of her mouth. Great stimulation for her gums!!

Cori eating and other things 075 

  • Princess pictures! We went over to Ella and Audrey’s house to play last week and little miss had a ball wearing this princess Tierra!

Cori eating and other things 095

  • Play dates with friends! North Florida hospital has a Postpartum Luncheon for moms with babies from 2 weeks –16 weeks. That’s where we met some fabulous friends who we still get together with once a week. Friends for life, don’t ya think?!?

Cori eating and other things 102 Brandon, Cori Belle, Claire, Aaron

  • Group baths! It was hilarious to watch all the little ones take a bath together last week. Cori and Madeline (4 weeks apart) sat so nicely in the tub. Willie (10 months) wanted to crawl all over everyone! And, Michael (2) was having fun pouring water on anything he could find that needed to be watered, including Cori! Haha!!


The Marino Family said...

I love her float...she looks so big in it. Madelyn is still not crawling. She gets into a mans push-up position and tries to stand up instead of crawl. ha

Dani and Dave said...

Haha!! Don't worry, Cori did that too. Madelin will be crawling before you know it!! :)

P.S. Did you like the smiley face I used to cover up Micheal's "stuff"?? :) hehe

Laura said...

What a cutie!! She is getting so big! And now moving around on her own... adds a whole new level of excitement, I'm sure :)

Charon Benton said...

what a cutie !! I love all your pictures!