Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jewelry & Blog Friends!

Cori & Jewelry 019  

Well, I did it. I started my own business through Premier Jewelry. It's kinda funny how life goes because I NEVER imagined doing this in my wildest dreams. Many of you know I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and wouldn't want it any other way. As much as I miss being in the classroom at times, I know God has called me to be at home raising my sweet baby girl. Even if our pockets are a little dry, it's SO WORTH IT!

Speaking of dry pockets and being a stay-at-home mom -- that's where Premier came into play! My good friend Lacy (who I went to college with and taught elementary school with) went from teacher to stay-at-home mom after only one year of teaching. She, like me, felt the calling to be at home with her little one, but also, like me, felt the need to contribute financially to her family. Hmmm... "Is that even possible" you might ask?? Yes in deed, it is!

Cori & Jewelry 021

Lacy and I at my Training Show

Premier Jewelry is a Biblical Based Company that was established 25 years ago specifically for stay-at-home moms to be able to raise their little ones AND contribute financially to their families! It also supports many ministries and missionary families around the world, which in my book, is a big plus!! Lacy started up her own business through Premier last year and when she told me about it, I knew this was the answer to my dry pockets!!

Just to give you a small window into how the company works ... it is run through Home Shows. So, you would sign up with a Premier Jeweler (like me!!) to host a show at your house. You would invite all your friends over for a girls night out where we would have snacks, play games and try on jewelry! You would receive 30% of the retail show in FREE jewelry plus some other incredible perks and benefits, and I would receive 50% of the retail show in profit for my family! Now, that's an amazing job if you ask me! Not only is it good money, it's flexible! I can work as much or as little as I want with no quotas to meet. And, unlike other Home Show products, jewelry sells itself! Sign. me. up!! :)

This past Thursday I had my first Premier Training Show at my house! So many of my sweet friends came to support me and I cannot thank you all enough!! We had fun, food, and fellowship while trying on some BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I am looking forward to all the future bookings I already have on my calendar and am enjoying the time spent at home with my family until then! This really is a DREAM job!!

Cori & Jewelry 020

My sweet friend, Kristy, and I

My Training Show also turned into a meeting of some of my favorite blog friends! It’s funny how those things works out. When my friend Annie walked in, I immediately introduced her to Lacy by saying, “Annie, this is Lacy. She was so glad to hear you were coming tonight. She reads your blog and has been dying to meet you!” From there it was blog connection after blog connection. I LOVE the blogging world! I happen to know all of the blogger women who came to my training show, but it was so much fun to see how each one of my friends had stumbled upon one another’s blogs in the past and were so ticked to finally meet one another in person. I can’t wait to meet a blog friend I don’t yet know sometime in the future! What fun!!

Cori & Jewelry 022 Drum roll please…

Kristy, Lacy, me, Lauren, Annie, & Mandi

Stephanie, Grace, and Emily weren’t there when we took the picture, but they were there amongst the blog friends! My SIL, Missy, was there too!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to support my new thing as a Premier Jeweler, blog friend or not, I LOVED seeing all of you!!

P.S. I figured out how to use Live Writer! It really does make blogging SO MUCH EASIER!! Aren’t you proud of me, Annie?? :)

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The Helms Family said...

So sorry I missed it Danielle! I will have to get with Ashley and maybe we can have a party there in Gainesville with her group! Would love to get together again and help the new business! Love you!

Lauren said...

It was so fun!! I can't wait to get my earrings in a couple of weeks :)