Monday, July 12, 2010

What I love about you … 27 & 28 weeks!

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   week 27 & 28


  • Spending holidays with you! I just LOVE this pic of us!!
  • Introducing solids! You have tried pureed bananas & blueberries, pureed squash (a BIG hit!), and another fav – bananas with the top cut off so you can eat it like a push pop! haha! I think next we will try pureed avocados.

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Something you started doing yesterday that I think is really funny .. sucking your thumb in-between bites! P.S. who needs a high chair when you’ve got a Bumbo with a tray?!?!

Cori purple dress 043

  • That you are drinking from a Sippy cup! You aren’t too sure about the water inside the cup, but you LOVE drinking from it.
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  • Taking you to lunch. “Welcome to Moes!” Mommy and Daddy’s favorite restaurant!

Cori & Jewelry 037

  • That you are figuring out how your body works. You are attempting to pull up in your crib. I have yet to capture it on camera, but I will get it one of these days. It’s so funny to walk in your room and see your cute little head poking up above the bumper as you try to stand up. This, however, is your attempt to pull up on the ottoman!

Cori random 018

  • Watching you open gifts from friends and family. You liked the paper more than anything else. But you sure did look cute in this new Giraffe hat you got from Mama Smith.

Cori & Jewelry 044  Cori & Jewelry 041

  • Reading Barnyard Dance with you. It is such a great book! I wish I would have had it to read wit my kindergartners a few years back. They would have LOVED it!

Cori random 021 Cori random 029  Cori random 030

Cori random 027

  • Your attempts to crawl. You are still trying very hard and you are definitely moving from point A to point B – you move by pushing up on all fours, throwing your body forward, landing on your tummy, pushing up again .. and the process continues!
Cori random 033
  • Watching you play in the grass! You were very intrigued and interested in the way it felt.

Cori purple dress 036 Cori purple dress 038 

your feet got dirty while you were playing..

Cori purple dress 031

and we had to wash them off in the sink..

Cori purple dress 040 

Other milestones…

Today was CB’s 6 month check-up. She weighs 13 lbs 2 oz and measures 25 inches long. She definitely is a petite little thing and we LOVE her so much!!


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I still can't get over how physical she is at this age!

Lauren said...

I have got to meet this little one when she is a wake...I want to see her little personality in action!