Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maternity Photos!

Last weekend my college roommate, Stephanie came to visit us! Stephanie got her degree in business, but has decided that she would like to be a professional photographer. I must admit, she is good at it! She has been taking pictures for quite some time now and even has her own website - Be sure to check it out! Even though Dave and I aren't posted up there yet, I'm sure she'll be adding us to it shortly! :) Below are just a few pictures she took out of the hundreds! I hope you like them as much as I do!!

These pictures were taken of me approaching 35 weeks. Is that a big belly or what?!? I love the little green monster that was captured with me in the picture above. Taking these pictures was such a wonderful and fun experience. Thanks Steph! You did an AMAZING job!!

Until next time..


john and melissa said...


Those turned out so cute. You look so great for being 35 weeks. I have heard from numerous people that you will be so happy that you have pictures like that.


Annie said...

Danielle! These are BEAUTIFUL! You really shouldnt be allowed to look as cute as you do pregnant! Love all of them!!! And I hadnt heard about your "new" job--- sounds exciting...and tiring! You make sure you get plenty of rest before Miss Cori arrives!!! Hopefully we will see you before she gets here!

Laura said...

Yayyyy! I'm so excited for you guys!!! These pictures are beautiful- I'd love to see the rest sometime :) I love you guys, and can't wait to chat with you again!

The Marino Family said...

You look so good Danielle!!! And if David reads this he looks nice too. haha

We hope to get together with you guys soon!!

Stephanie said...

WOW these pics are amazing!!!! You look beautiful!!!

Lauren said...

Beautiful!!!! YOur friend has a definite talent. My favorite are when you are wear the purple dress, because I can see your preggo belly button. I love that :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving Danielle!

The Sutton Four said...

okay, so I am looking at your pictures for the 15th time! and the ones of you in the purple dress look like something out of a magazine! Hope you are framing a few!
can't wait to hold little Cori Belle!