Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a weekend!

Well, this was the first weekend David has had off in over a month! Those doctors sure do work a lot of hours! It was such a nice weekend to have David home especially with the weather finally cooling down! David loves the cold weather. I'm pretty much on the opposite side of the spectrum, but I must admit the weather this weekend was beautiful! I was outside in the 57 degree weather in short sleeves! Thanks for all the extra blood flow to make me warm, Cori!

We started our Friday evening off with a nice date to Chili's (we used a gift card of course!) Oh, how I love gift cards to Chili's, or to any restaurant for that matter that allow us to have a date night! :) Dinner was followed by Gator Growl, which was probably the best Growl I have ever been to! Usually I leave Growl a little disappointed, but this year was awesome! Dana Carvey was the comedian and did a tremendous job playing to both the student side and alumni side. The Jabbawockeez were there and had an outstanding performance. What an incredible group of dancers! They also walked in the Homecoming parade earlier in the day, which I walked in as well with my cheerleaders. As the cheerleaders and I were lining up to begin our walk, the entire Jabbawockee group walked by us and gave all of us high-fives. So cool! :) Growl closed out with a live performance from OAR, which was amazing! It took me right back to my college dorm room sophomore year (Well, Dave's dorm room actually!) I remember him and Dan playing OAR's hit, "Crazy Game of Poker" over and over again. It was such a great night with my hubby and live entertainment. Not to mention, the weather in the Swamp was so nice!

Jabbawockeez Performance!

OAR's Performance!

Saturday started with a little college game day and then the Gator/Arkansas game. Since we don't have student tickets this year (tear!) we were unable to attend the game, but it was nice watching it together at home. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, trying not to throw things at the TV every time the Gators fumbled the ball (4 times by the way!!). Luckily a win is a win, but I did not like the way we got there! Oh, and by the way, Gary Danielson is the WORST college football announcer I have ever heard! Does he have something against the Gators or what? He could barely mumble anything nice about Florida. CBS needs to get some other commentator for the Gator games. I might throw something at him next time!

Not only did David and I get to spend time together relaxing this weekend, but we also did some work! Our good friends Lance and Lauren went out of town this weekend to a wedding in Kansas. Earlier in the month Lauren's parents called us about doing a "While you were out" makeover on Lance and Lauren's kitchen. It was so much fun! We put in new counter tops, tile back splash, a new sink & faucet, and new track lighting where the horrible florescent light once was. The best thing is that Lance and Lauren have NO IDEA! David and Lance have been talking about re-modeling both of our kitchens in the past few months, but neither thought it would ever come to fruition. Lucky for Lance and Lauren, their kitchen dreams have come true! They fly in from Kansas tonight and get back in town around midnight. I can't wait to hear their reaction!

To the left is the before - florescent lights, white counter tops, no back splash, old sick and faucet. To the right is the make over! Wow! It's amazing what a little lighting, color, and newness can do for a kitchen!

Let's take a closer look...
Old Sink!

New Sink!

Old Kitchen!

New Kitchen!

I just can't get over the new homey look and feel. We hope you like it Lance and Lauren! It's our turn next! :)


The Welch Family said...

Wow! You all did a wonderful job!

Casey and Rebecca said...

we have the same sink and faucet!! You guys did a great job!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your NEW kitchen!!! It looks AWESOME!