Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is here (I think!)

Yesterday morning I walked downstairs to let Maverick out. Much to my surprise when I opened the front door, a brisk chilly morning had come! I actually had to go back upstairs to get a jacket just to stand outside with Mav. It was such a nice change from the sweltering heat. But, like typical Florida weather, it warmed up to about 85 by the afternoon and this morning when I woke up it was definitely not as chilly. Fall is here, but I don't think the weather is going to be consistent just yet! Is it ever?!?

However, being that it was October 1st yesterday AND the chilly weather showed up, I decided it was time to decorate for fall! So, what did I do? Me and my big belly self went up in the attic to get all the fall decorations down. Oh, was that fun, but someone's gotta do it! :) Outside decorating is at a minimum because we live in a condo (oh, how I can't wait to have a YARD one day, but for now I'll choose contentment!). Check out the pictures below of some of my fun fall decorating festivities!

To the left is the big scarecrow sitting outside on the bush and to the right is the little scarecrow sitting next to the walkway by the front door.

I'd LOVE to go buy some big hay stacks and set up a little scarecrow farm, but that may be a few years down the road for me!

I love this center piece on our dining room table!

So, maybe there wasn't much decorating going on after all, but a little is better than none! I am just glad we are entering the holiday seasons of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are some of my favorite holidays of the year and at the conclusion of them this year will be the birth a newborn baby girl! Oh, how I can't wait! I did notice that I haven't put many pictures up of how my belly is growing and boy is it growing! Below is a picture of me at 28 weeks, which was this past Tuesday. For all of you folks that would rather know the months, that's 7 MONTHS! It's coming down to the wire here! :) I don't know how my belly is going to get much bigger, but I hear it's going to!

Until next time...
Danielle and Cori Belle


Stephanie said...

Love the Fall Decor! I too have been decorating for fall I plan to post soon pics of our decor. Love the belly pic!! You're too cute!

The Nomad said...

I think my belly is now that big from all the eating over here....:) Cori is going to be one big girl! hope it's going well! Miss you guys!

Matt and Christen said...

So did you guys name the baby Cori Belle? Is there any significance from the name? Pretty. You look great! So fun. I guess you and Donna and Emily Sorguis are all relatively around the same time huh? How fun. Love, Christen

The Marino Family said...

You look so adorable!!! We all need to get together soon... I miss seeing you guys. I'm getting to the point of being uncomfortable at night. 8-) Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day!!!