Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dan got MARRIED!

This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of a long time college friend. Back in college Dave met Dan his very first day at freshman orientation. They pretty much became inseparable from that moment on. They were known as the infamous "Dan and Dave." No one hardly ever said one name without the other. As we all know... time goes on and we grow up; college ends and real life begins.

To the left is a picture of Dan and Dave back in college, and to the right is a picture of them on Dan's wedding day. :)

We never thought Dan would tie the knot, until he meet Sara. They truly are the perfect match and we are so happy for them! The wedding was in Ft. Myers at the Yacht Club on the water. It was simply beautiful ... white chairs lining the luscious green grass, an aisle way painted with rose petals, an archway of flowers in front of the flowing bay water, crisp warm air, and the sun warming your skin. Just imagine yourself there. The reception was inside the yacht club with great food and lots of dancing. We had such a good time.Dan and Sara are hitched!

Dan, Sara, me, & Dave

In my eyes though, the highlight of the night was Dave's best man speech. Dan was the best man at our wedding and Dave wanted to make sure that he topped his speech - always so competitive. :) Dave worked on and practiced this speech for months - literally, but it paid off. It turned out perfectly and he even got a standing ovation when it was all said and done. It wasn't your typical best man speech, it was a song. I went to the bathroom shortly after the speech was over and overheard some women talking ... "Did you hear that best man speech?" one woman said. "Oh, no, that wasn't a speech," said the other, "that was the best musical endeavor I have ever heard!" ... I was cracking up laughing in the stall. You can hear the speech on the videographers website. I hope you will check it out . If you know Dan and Dave, you'll laugh so hard you'll cry - the message is so true. Dave's best man song

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Laura said...

love the best man song!! New post, pleaseeeee.... or at least call me and let me know what's been going on lately :) i hope you got my package in the mail... love you guys!