Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skit Night

I promise I haven't dropped off the blogging world. I seem to have been slacking on my picture taking and I am not a fan of blogging without pictures unless it is something REALLY cool or deep. Lots has been going on lately... we went to Jimmy Buffet two weeks ago, Shrimp Fest in Fernandina Beach last weekend, and Med School 4th yr Skit Night on Friday night. The skits were hilarious this year - mostly because Dave's class is the 4th year class this year and it's so much funnier when you know the people in the skits. Skit night opened with a Saturday Night Live theme and a live revolution of dance with the girls of the 4th year class and a few select guys, Dave being one of them. I think the funniest skit was the Single Ladies skit. They basically reenacted the skit from Saturday Night Live and the guys, including Dave, wore leotards and did the background dancing. It was absolutely hilarious - I wish I had a video to post so you could see it. But, just imagine (if you can) Dave and a bunch of other guys dancing around in leotards to Single Ladies. Kinda scary! :)

The final thing they do at skit night is announce who is going into which residencies. They all make signs and choose songs that go with their specialties and dance around on stage. Up top is a picture of Dave and I holding the Peds sign he made. They danced on stage to the theme song from Sponge Bob.
...Well, that wraps up a quick update. Next weekend is Med School Graduation so be on the look out for that. I can't believe 4 years of med school has already come and gone. Where does the time go?

Until next time..

Much Love,
Dani & Dave

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