Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Month of November

Has it really been over a month since I’ve posted here on this ‘ole blog?! I’ve actually thought about posting many times, but felt like I had been so behind I just couldn’t bare to try and catch up. When my 2012 Blog Book gets printed it will be so small in comparison to the two previous years! Blame it on two kids, moving states, and restarting a business in a new place. All of those things combined have definitely kept this mama busy and sometimes, just trying to keep my head above water!

November was a whirlwind of events! And in the midst of it all, we lost our little camera. I am seriously saddened by that! I have a few here and there, but nothing like we had taken! So, my memory will have to just have to remember all the fun we had!

We took two trips down to Florida in November. The first weekend of the month was Jewel School for Premier. It was such a sweet time of fellowship with my amazing friends in Premier. A lot of the husbands were there too! Woot!

Big camera download 1112 201

Big camera download 1112 202

While we were visiting for Jewel School, my Gainesville friends got together and threw me a shower for Tucker. It was so sweet and I really enjoyed spending time with them all. It was actually supposed to be a surprise shower, but a few weeks before we went down I cried to David one afternoon about how we lived in a new state and no one was going to throw me a baby shower and my friends in Gainesville were moving on with life with out me, blah, blah, blah. I blame it on the baby messing with my hormones! :) Anyway, he called my besties in Gainesville and told them of my mess so they told me about the shower they were planning. Oh, how I love them! I miss them terribly and it was SO good to just sit around drinking coffee in my best friend’s house like the old days.

Big camera download 1112 203

Big camera download 1112 207

Big camera download 1112 221

My very BEST buds from Gainesville – Stephanie, me, Lacy, and Kristy. All of whom do Premier with me. I just LOVE that!!

Dave and I have been really good at weekly date nights since we’ve moved to Birmingham. We had bible study every Tuesday this semester and left an hour early to grab dinner together before hand. I don’t think the trend will continue once Tucker comes, but it’s been so nice! We won a gift card to Ruth’s Chris last May and were finally able to use it last month. It was DELICIOUS!! Even with a $100 gift card, we still had to pay $40, but it was so worth it!!! The steak literally melted in my mouth! The Lobster Bisque was to die for. And, the creamed spinach left me without words! I do hope we get to go back one day! YUM! We did take a picture before we headed out for dinner that night. One that didn’t get lost. Yay!!

Dani and Dave Date night and week 31 001


We took family/maternity photos the week before Thanksgiving. Finley wasn’t the most corporative, but we snuck in a few sweet pictures! It was also pretty cold the day we took pictures and my poor children were purple by the end of the shoot, but it was fun! Here are a few of my favorites!

Family photo 2


Family photo 4

Family photo 3


Thanksgiving came and we spent almost a full week in Florida. Driving to Florida twice in one month was about all I could handle! I was actually relieved that we didn’t have to do it again for Christmas. We drove through the night both times so the kids would sleep, but we were exhausted! I think the final drive back to Birmingham on trip #2 was the worst. We hit Tallahassee and I thought I wouldn’t make it the 4 more hours to Birmingham. But, we did. Not sure when that will happen again. People can just come visit us for the next little bit! I mean with THREE kids and a dog – we will be staying home for a while!

We had a great Thanksgiving with family though! It was the traditional 3 o’clock dinner with my side of the family at my aunt’s house and then 6 o’clock dinner with Dave’s side of the family at his parent’s house. We are always stuffed, but feel so blessed that we can see both sides of the family in the same day! Again, no pictures of that sweet day or our entire trip to Tampa! I did run in a 5K on Thanksgiving Day and was pretty proud of that considering I was 32 weeks pregnant then!


I did 7 Jewelry Shows in the month of November and Dave worked a horrific schedule of days on anesthesia/ultrasound and nights in the ER. His poor girls barely saw him, but at least it was just for one month! We can handle anything for a short while! Between the two of us, we had ONE night together – the one where we went to Ruth’s Chris. The rest of the nights we traded off taking care of the kids while he was at the hospital or I was at a jewelry party. Needless to say, it was a busy month! December has been good to us and we have enjoyed a lot of time together as a family. More posts on that coming soon!!!

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