Monday, March 8, 2010

What I love about you... 9-10 weeks

Week 9 & 10
  • How fast you kick your legs. It's like you are riding a bicycle CONSTANTLY!
  • Seeing you sit with your daddy!
  • Watching you blow bubbles. You are getting good at that one!
  • That I always catch you playing with your tongue.
  • How "talkative" you are becoming!
  • That you rolled over for the first time on Saturday (March 6, 2010). You rolled from front to back. We even got it on video!!
  • Holding hands with you!
  • That you love to stand up. Your legs are so strong!!
  • Trumpette socks (the ONLY kind that will stay on your feet!) -- Thanks Lacy for introducing me to these wonderful socks!
  • How you stretch and rub your eyes when you wake up in the morning.
  • How you nestle your face in my neck and shoulder after your morning feed.
  • That you will stare at yourself in the mirror on your tummy time mat for almost 20 minutes. You sure do love talking to yourself!
  • Our morning ritual of dancing together to Jack Johnson's "Better Together!"
  • Just being with you!
Other milestones...
  • You hit two months old and the drooling began!
  • You have grown out of all your newborn PJ's with feet. Your legs are too long and you can't straighten them. Looks like we will have to do some shopping for some new PJ's!


The Welch Family said...

She only gets more beautiful - I didn't think that was possible! Valerie Grace approves of the socks - they are the only kind she will wear (mary jane socks bought off ebay :)

Caleb & Emily said...

Great minds think alike...just posted this morning and realized we totally need pics of Cori & Claire this week for all the fun times we're spending together!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Precious photos! My sister just had her first baby, a little girl, back in September.