Friday, December 25, 2009

Who needs a due date anyway?

Well, December 23rd has come and gone and no baby has arrived. Oh, how I love projected dates for a baby's birth! There is so much build up and so much to look forward to and then... nothing! The date just passes you by. I know she will come eventually. I keep telling David that she is going to stay in there until she is 21. He just smiles and says, "at least we won't have to deal with dating then!" Such the optimist! :)

I was sure she was coming yesterday ... David and I went to breakfast at Panera, then we came home and went for a 4 mile walk/jog. Yes, I jogged at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant .. I will do anything to get this baby out! I had serious contractions all throughout the 4 miles - so bad they stopped me in my tracks and had me doubled over. Then, we went to church for Christmas Eve service and I had contractions every 5 minutes. Like I said, I was sure she was coming. But then, around 9:30 last night, all contractions stopped and I have had no action since!

Today is Christmas Day. It's 6 am and I cannot sleep. David just left for work - he has a 30 hour call shift today and I won't see him until tomorrow at noon :(. My parents and siblings are coming up to visit with me and we are having Christmas dinner with my aunt and uncle who live in town. Maybe today will be the day! Sharing a birthday with Jesus would be pretty cool and I'm sure David would love a little Christmas surprise at work! Please keep us all in your prayers! Merry Christmas!

Week 40... whoa that's big!

Until next time...
Hopefully there will be a baby girl to tell about!

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The Welch Family said...

Praying for the Lord's perfect timing for miss Cori Belle to make her big appearance into this world. She has two amazing parents waiting to see her face and share the huge love they have with her.