Monday, September 7, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeere Come the GATORS!

Gator football is truly one of the reasons we love living in Gainesville. Saturday was the first official College Game Day of the season. I woke up to ESPN blaring throughout our house. Good thing we bought a TV 2 weeks ago (with CASH - Oh yeah, Dave Ramsey would be so proud!) otherwise David would have been out of his element this past Saturday. I have to admit, I actually like ESPN on College Game Day. What memories it brings to mind! Saturdays from September through November just wouldn't be the same without it.

Before the game we tailgated with Davids sister, Jamie and her friend, Chris in the O'Connell Center parking lot. We had such a good time eating and enjoying the pre-game festivities with everyone!
Here are Jamie and I - don't worry, I'm drinking Sprite! :)

We even ran into Lauren and Adam at the tailgate! It was so fun to see them since I am used to seeing Lauren everyday at school!

Although, this past Saturday was a different kind of Saturday than we have had in years. For the past 8 years we have gotten Gator student football tickets - 4 years of Undergraduate School and 4 years of Medical School. Unfortunately, residents don't get football tickets. :( Luckily Jamie came up to visit a friend this weekend who just happened to have 2 extra football tickets. Whew! For the first time ever, we sat on the Gator Alumni side, which actually was quite nice. There were no drunk people around toppling over one another and I even got to sit for most of the game, which I know the baby appreciated! We had great seats on the 40-yard line. Check out the view!

Oh, how I love the Gator band!

Here we are enjoying the first game of the season together.

Well, it was another Gator victory in the Swamp! It is expected to be a great season with Tebow kicking butt while he trains Brantley to take over his job next season. Can't wait for next weeks game! :)

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