Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy David!

This past weekend sure was an eventful one! First, we found out we were having a baby GIRL and then we celebrated David's 27th birthday! August is FULL of birthdays in our family. I have a birthday, our sister-in-law has a birthday, David's sister has a birthday, and David has a birthday. Not to mention a few of our closest friends have birthdays in August as well.

Every year David and his sister, Jamie, celebrate their birthdays together since they are only 4 days apart (well, really 6 years and 4 days apart, but whose counting?!) Since everyone was in town for the baby shower, David and Jamie got to celebrate together once again. Here they are in the birthday hats they wear together every year!

The tradition - a nice picture together....

and a silly picture together!

His birthday was actually on Monday and being the newly "domesticated" wife I am learning how to be I decided to bake! I went to Publix early Monday morning and bought all the necessary things to bake a double layer Funfetti birthday cake with orange and blue colored frosting. Once I was all finished, here is what it looked like...

It may not be a masterpiece, but I tried! I even took a picture of the cake with his presents on the table. By this time in the day I was feeling like such a good wife/new mom - I baked, wrapped presents, took pictures, and I even had the idea of surprising him at Family Group that night with the cake, which I did! I got to family group a little late, lit the candles, and had everyone singing to him before he even knew I was there! My downfall came when I forgot to take a picture of DAVID on his birthday. I had all intentions of taking a picture of him with his cake and our friends... but my baby brain got the best of me. Luckily I have some time to get some more practice in before our little girl gets here. I can't forget to take pictures of her on her birthday!!

Until next time... dani

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The Sutton Four said...

that cake is awesome!!! hilarious that you didn't even take a picture of Dave on his birthday! yeah, blame it ALLL on the baby brain. That stays with you for years!