Friday, August 14, 2009

26 years and 21 weeks

Tuesday, August 11th, was my 26th birthday and my 21st week of pregnancy. I can't believe 26 years has already flown by. Where has the time gone? I remember just being a little kid and now I'm going to have a little kid of my own! :) It was a wonderful birthday! David took me to my favorite restaurant - The Melting Pot! The cheese fondue is my FAVORITE! It truly was such a wonderful night. This week has been a bit crazy! David and I have both been working A LOT! I had cheerleading camp all week as well as regular practices to coach and office hours to hold. Thank you for the 16 messages left of my voice mail. I am still returning phone calls!! The Melting Pot only had two people working on Tuesday, which made service kinda slow, but the Lord knew we needed it. The best present I could have gotten was one on one time with my incredible husband. We had 3 hours to talk, catch up on life, and eat some amazing food! What a wonderful birthday present! :)

Here we are on my b-day! Look at that belly! I think the horizontal stripes make me look even bigger!

Oh, by the way... if you know David at all you will know that he refuses to eat vegetables. Well, he ate ceaser salad at The Melting Pot and actually liked it! I know what you're thinking - it's a miracle! :) He says it's because the salad had parmesan crusted pine nuts (which I have to admit were a great addition to the salad) but I think he was looking for an excuse as to why he has refused to eat salad for so many years, and now he suddenly liked it. Hmmm... I love you honey! I just had to take a picture so there was proof!

Well, I am sure you are wondering what my 21-week old belly looks like (those horizontal stripes are deceiving, I think). Here is my birthday belly and it's only getting bigger!
I can still fit into my jeans - wahoo! But it certainly is different to look down and see that huge bump. There is no laying on my tummy anymore and boy does that baby kick! As I sit here and type at the moment the baby sure is having a party in my belly! :) Hmmm, is it a boy or a girl throwing a party in there? August 29th is the big day. Can't wait!!

Thanks to everyone to made my birthday so special. Annie, I LOVED those cupcakes at bible study! Thanks so much for thinking of me! Steph, thanks for lunch and Lauren, thanks for tagging along. Family Group, thanks for my special card. I loved all my gifts from all my special friends and thank you so much for all the wonderful phone messages I received. You guys truly made this birthday a wonderful one! Much love to you all!



Laura said...

David ate salad?!?!?! Haha! I'm glad you had a great birthday :) I'm so excited to see you in 2 weeks!!!!!!

Matt and Christen said...

You are super cute all prego! Looks like you had a great b-day. :) Miss you.