Friday, March 20, 2009

Peds Residency - Here we come!

The wait has finally come to an end. Thursday was the long awaited Match Day! All the graduating seniors gathered Thursday morning at the Paramount for the day they have been waiting for since they stepped over the threshold of the doors of UF Medical School. This day is even bigger than graduation to most because it solidifies a job for the next few years and it solidifies graduation. The day began at 10:30 with breakfast for all and the ceremony began at 12:00 for all graduating seniors around the country. All the envelopes are put into a box and the students are called at random one at a time to come read where they will be working for the next few years. Most were very excited, but a few were a bit shocked as they matched at a place father down their list than they would have liked. David and I were very pleased to match at our first choice - UF! :) It is so funny to me because if you would have asked us this time last year where we wanted to go for residency, Gainesville was last on our list. We thought we wanted the adventure of living somewhere far away and experiencing a different kind of life. But, turns out we love living here in G-vegas. We have great friends, a great church, I have a great job, and David will get great training here. The training & faculty here are by far the best of the residency programs we interviewed at. Oh, what a wonderful pediatrician my husband will be. :)

So, four years of medical school is almost over and we look forward to 3 years of PAID training. Gainesville has very much become our home and we are so excited!

David in the Gainesville Sun!

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Matt and Christen said...

YEAH! Congratulations on matching in Gainesville. That is so great. I am excited for you guys.