Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Fun!

This past week we have participated in a few fall events. On Tuesday we ventured to Aldridge Gardens to play with a few new friends, dress up in our Halloween costumes, and do a pumpkin hunt! It was a good practice run in our Halloween costumes to see what we may need to add before the big dress up day! Both girls are bumble bees this year. I thought about my friends, Annie and Carrie, and their annual Pumpkin Party for the kids back home. I am sure gonna miss that this year! In fact we already did because it was last night. Looked like so much fun!

Cori and her friends

Cori and her new friends from gymnastics class

Cori upclose

Finley mouth open

Cori blowing bubbles

Cori and Finley on hay


On Friday, Dave and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch. It’s interesting here in Alabama because they don’t have a lot of these church pumpkin patches that Gainesville has. Alabama does the “REAL THANG” where you head out to where the pumpkins actually grow. Unfortunately, these patches are about an hour away from Birmingham on both sides so we decided to try out a a second annual pumpkin patch at a church near by. Let me just say that it’s not like the one at Trinity back in Gainesville, but they did have pumpkins so that was a plus! ha! And, we got to snap some pictures of the girls in their sweet pumpkin dresses, which was the main thing I wanted anyway! I’m thinking next year, the “REAL THANG” will be a must on the fall list of things to do!

Cori and Finley smiles

Cori and Finley silly

Cori carrying pumpkin

Cori and Finley holding hands


Cori and Finley hold hands

We are headed to a fall festival tomorrow, a Halloween play date at the Zoo next week, and trying to solidify our Halloween plans. Fall here has been much like fall in Florida, except for the changing leaves. Those are just beautiful! We’ve had some cool days, which we’ve enjoyed very much. Everyone has mum mum’s on their front porch, and I just love that!

Hope ya’ll are enjoying fall as much as we are! Until next time…

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The Marino Family said...

The girls look adorable!! I think the sweetest picture is the one of them holding hands. Miss you!!